24th – 25th October

The Langham Hotel  
Melbourne, Australia

iCities focuses on the importance in city development, including the opportunities to innovate, integrate the infrastructure of a city, the importance of sociocultural implications, all things that are vital to the success of any city. Governments and developers around the world are caught up in the race to mastermind, create and develop cities which, in turn create positive value propositions and potential growth to the country’s image and economic strength. Asia, in particular, is fueled by rapid growth, economic interest for urban development. Plenty of investors, both local and foreign, are becoming aware that the need to innovate and integrate are becoming the epitome of city life, and have important sociocultural implications.

While new urbanism certainly supports a smart growth movement, this suggests an opposing of suburban sprawl because it lends itself to compact urban form. However, this trend naturally raises a certain number of problems which grows in proportion to the size of the city being developed. The main concerns are the designing of sustainable high density built environments where the problems of urban sprawl, traffic congestion and pollution have threatened the prospects of biodiversity, greenery, liveability and the general well-being of the inhabitants. Now with more ambitious projects, building a city within a city, one has to examine the typologies, design, engineering considerations and technology for future development of a city’s skyline and the overall city’s impact.

iCities is a series specifically designed to provide business intelligence in real estate infrastructure to meet all building industry practitioners' demands to secure and guarantee their investments. It is a collaboration of typical city development which includes retail malls and multi-use towers that stack and mix commercial, retail, and residential functions. It will highlight through a series of conference on its importance of city development be it upcoming or existing; and will revolutionise innovative ideas by generating sustainable practices that is proven in the best developments.


iCities' entire event program is 100% crowd sourced by industry for industry. We assemble an advisory board of industry heavyweights and emerging thought leaders.

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with speakers, exhibitors and other delegates as you discuss new ideas and direction for your digital marketing activity.

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only iProperty provides you with prepared key takeaways and action points for each session you attend – so can start implementing what you have learnt the moment you get back in the office.

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